The Art & Science of Yogaflow

TriYoga is inspired from its source in kriyavati, yoga sadhana guided by kundalini. TriYoga is the originator of the concept of “flow” in hatha yoga, as it was brought to the yoga world in the 1980s at the International Yoga Conference with Devi Dance. The audience was spellbound as they observed the seamless yogaflow, prasara, seeing their static postures come alive. Prasara is beyond vinyasa, which is the organization of asana.

Prasara is to flow without thought.

Yogaflow is the precise flow of posture, breath, and focus — that is, yogasana, pranayama and mudra — embracing qualities which insure effortless movement; these inherent characteristics include relaxation-in-action, wavelike movements, rhythmic pacing, economy of motion, alignment maintained, and expansion in all directions.

From January 5, 1980 to the present day, kriyavati siddhi continues through Kaliji manifesting TriYoga sadhana, a miracle to witness and to experience.

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