Devi Dance

When TriYoga began, it was a dance of Devi with an abundance of mudras gracefully flowing, synchronized with breath and a wave of geometrically aligned postures. With no prior practice in hatha yoga, the fountain of yogaflow was born reflecting a cosmic dance. This was a dance that flowed like no other dance. Since the eventful day it began, TriYoga has danced around the planet into over 40 countries.

From Devi Dance, the manifestation evolved into systematic levels and series to teach each asana and kriya. Learning these movements, one can involute into Devi Dance. The freedom to move from within, to feel the flow guide, is an exhilarating form of meditation. The intuitive flow emerges as one feels they are an energy river dancing with the divine. This is Nata Yoga, the yoga of dance. Applying the wealth of TriYoga knowledge, an experienced TriYogi feels which sequence, which asana or kriya, their body needs to maintain the energy flow with a fluid expression of yogasana, pranayama and mudra. As the energy increases from this synergy, meditation to blissful ananda emerges. Creation is a universal dance between the divine and all souls. Reflect this higher wisdom through Devi Dance. Let the energy guide and consciousness expand.

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